Take less action.

No really, the less you do, the better.

Everyone is always fixated on taking on taking so much action and this can be a recipe for stagnation.

Are you the person who:

  • reaches out to potential clients?

  • does every sales call?

  • works on all the service delivery?

  • communicates all the time with every single client?

I get tired just reading that list.

You need to learn how to delegate. When you spend all your time working ‘in’ your business you’ve effective done three things:

  • Created a job in disguise for yourself.

  • Left no time for you to working on growing your business.

  • Created a roadmap to burning yourself

What you need to be doing is working ‘on’ your business. Whether that’s creating the best team to get things done, working on systems to improve all facets on your operations, or figuring out ways to make scale.

You need to take action on what moves the needle, not everything else.

The TLDR: Work ‘on,’ not ‘in’ your business.